Education and Instruction

  • Aero Wing Inc, Sullivan McDermott Airport, 414-719-9100 -- Ultralight and General Aviation Flight Instruction, UL and Light Sport Rentals, Fuel, Avionics, Communications Equipment, Prop Drives
  • Corey Cassavant, CFI-SP, Racine Batten Airport (KRAC), 414-305-1308 -- Primary Ultralight Training, Biennial Flight Reviews, Class D Sport Pilot Endorsements
    Cassavant Air
  • Cub Air Hartford Municipal Airport (HXF), 262-725-3591 -- Aircraft Rentals, Ground School, Pilot Supplies, Private Pilot Training
  • Racine Sport Flyers Racine Batten Airport (KRAC), 414-305-1308 -- Sport Pilot Training, Private Pilot Training, Aircraft Rental, Easy Online Scheduling.
    Racine Sport Flyers

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To get a weather briefing, call Flight Services at 1-800-WXBRIEF (1-800-992-7433)

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Cassavant Air
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Each month we meet at Hartford Municipal Airport unless scheduled at another location.


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EAA UL1 Microlights.
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