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Our Mission

We will strive to keep the original intent of Part 103 alive and well within our Chapter. We will also do our best to preserve the origins of ultralight flight in our area by keeping original designs flying safely. We will do our best to keep our membership involved in the continuing education, advancement and overall spirit of light aviation. We will work to present new ideas and ways in which to keep our membership informed and involved in the latest news and technology available. We are, and will continue to be, a family orientated  group of aviation enthusiasts. Our intent is to include all family members in our monthly Chapter meetings and all annually scheduled events. It is also our mission to introduce and educate the general public about ultralights and light aviation whenever and where ever possible.

Who are we?

We are men and women, even young family members who share an interest in light aviation, from hang -gliding to homebuilt sportplanes. Our main focus is the ultralight Air Vehicle, a special category of sport aircraft defined by the Federal Aviation Administration to allow flying with minimum of regulation.

What do we do?

We meet monthly and discuss news and upcoming activities, as well as technical questions and helpful anecdotes about the latest building and maintenance "dos and don'ts". We also gather for a number of traditional fly-ins and campouts, some as far as 100 miles from the location where we meet.

Where do we fly?

When we are not flying to, from, or around one of our regular events, many members head off in ones and twos for some local flying from their home bases, or trailer to other events, even traveling cross-country to some very exotic destinations. Jumbo Jets vs ultralights ? We stay away from busy commercial airports, preferring grass strips and smaller municipal airfields. The Microlite Flyers have been serving S.E. Wisconsin and our remote members as well as the general community for over 30 years.

Where do we meet?

During the colder months we meet indoors often at local restaurants. Meetings start at 10:00am the THIRD Saturday of each month. During the flying months, we often have a brief meeting during one of our fly-in events. Check our calendar for information on when and where we are meeting this month.

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Monthly Meetings / Events

Each month we meet at Hartford Municipal Airport unless scheduled at another location.


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Monthly Newsletter

Each month a .pdf version of our current newsletter is posted on our website.

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EAA UL1 Microlights.
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