We, the EAA UL1 Microlights, strive to keep the original intent of Part 103 alive and well within our Chapter. We also do our best to preserve the origins of ultralight flight in our area by keeping original designs flying safely. We do our best to keep our membership involved in the continuing education, advancement and overall spirit of light aviation. We work to present new ideas and ways in which to keep our membership informed and involved in the latest news and technology available. We are, and continue to be, a family oriented group of aviation enthusiasts. Our intent is to include all family members in our monthly Chapter meetings and all annually scheduled events. It is also our mission to introduce and educate the general public about ultralights and light aviation whenever and where ever possible.

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Late Breaking News - Presidents Update

Message Date: June 14, 2016


     If you are a first time visitor to our site, welcome! I hope you'll tab your way around our site pages and discover what we have been posting. The calendar is up to date and should offer you some opportunities to attend an upcoming event or two if you're in our area of the country. Our newsletter archives dating back to the late 80's will give you a history of our Ultralight Chapter's humble yet adventurous beginnings.

      If you are a Chapter 1 member or friend that is just checking in, welcome back! We have a lot of aviation events and activities coming up in our area thru June and July. Please check our Google calendar to start planning your pancake breakfast and other fly /drive in attendance. There's a lot to see, do and learn when so many aviators get together. You may make a connection or strike a deal that may help you achieve your aviation goals!


      Greetings from your Microlite Flyers EAA UL Chapter 1 leadership team! Our 2016 flying season is well under way and we are adding more locally sponsored events to our Microlite calendar. Please check on the Google calendar on this website as well as our Microlite Flyers / Flying Friends Facebook page for scheduled event info. You will find \"up to the minute\" activity reports and picture/video posts on our Facebook page. Please stop in and find out what our members are up to. Here\'s the link:


      Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our monthly events. We hope to hear from you soon!

      Steve M.



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